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We’re a company that believes in inclusive gaming


Wave is a better type of mobile gaming, in which users invite ALL their friends to join and play LIVE, competing against each other. We see this as a new style of gaming interactions that will change the way we enjoy mobile games.

Our vision is to connect thousands of users in real time through mobile games.

Think of us as a “Periscope for games”

Our technology enables different games to have our massive multiplayer features. We develop our own games, and also lend our technology to game developers

Who Are We?

We are gamers, focused on establishing our vision of massive, multiplayer micro-games on smartphones

What Do We Do?

We enable multiplayer features on any mobile game, in order to make thousands of players play in real time

How Do We Do It?

We developed a mobile platform that enables single player games to have multiplayer capabilities so thousands of players can play at the same time.

We intend to reach our goal by developing our own games, but also lending our technology to game developers who share our vision that multiplayer is the best type of gaming

“Popular Mobile Games come and go, but gameplay style is very homogeneous. Games tend to have similar features, in different scenarios. We don’t intend to make the next top #1 game; rather, the next big social gaming style, and facilitate it to game developers, brands and celebrities”

– Wave Interactions Team


Wave increases users engagement, sense of competition, and opens up new gaming possibilities

Unlimited Players

Thousands of players can play together, there’s pretty much no restriction


Notifications are sent to all invitees so they can join the game before it begins

Multiple Games

Thousands of different games can be used, so users can always download new games

Real Time

All players get to compete and see the rankings at the same time

Social Media

Integrated with Facebook and Twitter for easy friend administration and game creation

Auto Match

Players and bot users are automatically added, so players never need to play alone


Different rankings are shown immediately after the game

Easy Integration

Game Developers can quickly add our features using our SDK, it only takes 2-3 hours

Digital Autograph

The lead user can send his followers a picture with a message


Wave is a great way for people to interact in different scenarios, always under the same premise: Many players at the same time

How it Works

It’s very easy to play!

1- User invites some/all followers


2- Invitation notifications are sent


3- Players Join


4- Users play and compete


5- Rankings are shown immediately

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